Peter returns! A very special Middle Earth poetry reading

Last month we introduced you to one of the world’s biggest collectors of Tolkien memorabilia, Peter Kenny, located right here in Brisbane, Australia. Now we are proud to tell you that Peter’s manuscript of Middle Earth inspired poems and short tales are soon to be published internationally!

Under the Fortinbras Proudfoot pen name, Brisbane-based Peter Kenny has been writing poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle Earth. The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited.

Now Oloris Publishing, a Canadian/Middle-Earth network publishing company, has accepted Peter’s manuscript to publish an illustrated book of 30 of his poems and 4 short tales, all inspired by Tolkien’s writings.

Currently Peter is collaborating with an overseas artist to create illustrations for the publication. The final manuscript will be presented to the printers at the end of November, and is on track to be published early 2015.

Have a listen to this special reading of his poem Morning Star, Evening Star below.

Keep an eye out for Peter and the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship at Brisbane Supanova in November!

* Video production by Luke Richards.

For more information about Peter’s poems, the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship and their commitment to fundraising for children’s literacy and education charities, visit the official Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. Foundation website.

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