Exclusive! Our chat with rising Aussie star Thomas Cocquerel

Cinemazzi talks to Hollywood’s latest star in the making, Thomas Cocquerel, about Kidnapping Mr Heineken and Sir Anthony Hopkins’ love affair with Aussies.

This is what I love about our new breed of Aussie actors: they seem to have it all figured out.

Take young Thomas Cocquerel, whose first film role out of acting school (NIDA, thank you very much) just happens to be alongside Anthony Hopkins in Kidnapping Mr Heineken.

Cocquerel stars in the action thriller as Martin Erkamps, the youngest member of a gang who kidnap beer tycoon and one of the richest men in the Netherlands, Freddy Heineken, for a hefty ransom. (True story – it happened in 1983.)

Dapper in his Dolce & Gabbana suit for the Kidnapping Mr Heineken premiere at the Audi Ultimate Drive-In in Brisbane, Cocquerel has actually called LA home for the last two years on and off (sidebar: he was reportedly dating Glee starlet Diana Agron at one stage too.) I have this idea in my head, I tell him, that all the Aussie actors over there are all great mates and just hang out and get together and stuff. “That’s exactly how it is,” beams the former Sydneysider proudly, telling us how fellow young Aussie star Brenton Thwaites is “killing it” at the moment before regaling us with stories of how Cocquerel’s Kidnapping Mr Heineken co-stars Sam Worthington and Ryan Kwanten took Cocquerel under their wing for the youngster’s first big-time film set.

No doubt it helped prepare him for his second Hollywood role as well, in the upcoming Life At These Speeds alongside Billy Crudup.

Watch the rest of our exclusive interview with Thomas Cocquerel at the Audi Ultimate Drive-In premiere of Kidnapping Mr Heinken below!

* Video production by Luke Richards. 

Kidnapping Mr Heineken is in cinemas across Australia now. 

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