Diary of a cosplay virgin: Cinemazzi does Supanova

What to wear to my first Supanova pop culture expo in costume? Disney princess dresses for the whole family of course!

I have been to quite a few Supanovas and Oz Comic Cons over the years (I’ve also been to WonderCon in the US) and every time I am at one of the expos interviewing people or checking out the stalls, I always kick myself for not getting into costume. Next time, I always think to myself. Next time I will actually do it. Well, this year I decided to do something about that… I kitted out my whole family!

Supanova Gold Coast has to be my favourite pick of the bunch because the weather is always great and the streets of Broadbeach are always so colourful with cosplayers roaming the streets. We weren’t exactly at official Cosplay level so we didn’t compete (um, I was lucky enough to get Big J to throw on a Zorro hat and eye mask with his shorts and T-shirt) but my two little girls LOVED the chance to wear dress-ups alongside hundreds of life-size superheroes, Stormtroopers, Frozen characters and Hobbits. The expo is for fans of comic books, fantasy tales, anime, superheroes, sci-fi, you name it, and dedicated fans come kitted out as their favourite characters.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… what do you mean, Elsa is fairer than Snow White??

Not knowing much about “cosplay” (costume play) or costumes in general, and not being much of a seamstress, I did a quick hunt online so I could buy something, preferably something not too expensive. I landed on an Australian site called Costume Box and was pretty impressed with their free express delivery (if you are ordering over a certain amount). It meant that even though I hadn’t gotten my butt into gear until Wednesday, I would hopefully receive my order on Thursday before the weekend event kicked off.

I ordered a Snow White costume for myself, which dutifully arrived within 24 hours, and even though I had chosen the wrong size, the express delivery meant I still had time to package it back up that same day, pop it in the return box, and get the right one delivered to my doorstep on Friday morning. It was literally the coolest thing I have ever received in the mail – a dress, cape, headband, pouch and wig (which I didn’t end up wearing – that’s my real hair in the photos) all for the one bargain price. So. Excited! And now I have something of my own to contribute to the girls’ dress-up chest.

Cinemazzi in Snow White costume 2015
My ensemble!

Next was finishing off the outfits for my little girls. Miss G already had a gorgeous Queen Elsa dress hanging in her closet, begging for a Supanova outing, but Miss A needed something appropriate for a 12month old. Another quick hunt online found a mini-me version of the Snow White costume I was wearing but dammit! Her size was sold out.

I started ringing costume shops in Brisbane and learned that Spotlight sold kids costumes too. (Does everybody know this? I had no idea!) I raced down there for some late night shopping and lo and behold, I found a Princess Anna dress and cape. We already had some novelty Frozen ear muffs from Christmas which matched perfectly. And while I was there, I found an ah-mazing blonde Elsa wig for the other one. Spotlight is also where I found the Zorro hat and mask for my husband. Done and done!

I don’t normally post so many personal snaps, but I really wanted to show you guys how much fun these expos are for the whole family. While a couple of hours was probably a little too long for the toddlers – it can get a little overwhelming with so many people walking around – I did manage to navigate the stroller past some awesome stalls and pick up some great stuff. (I would advise against lining up for autographs and celeb photo snaps with kids in tow however; those lines can get super long. Ditto the workshops and panels – it’s best to fly solo or go with friends, not kidlets, if you want to do anything that requires too much queuing up inside.)

Of course, don’t be put off by our girly costumes – there were truckloads of very excited Spider Men, Batmen and Iron Men running around too. Not to mention all the grown-ups like myself absolutely LOVING the excuse to wear a costume for a day. Big J, not so much. (At least he made a handy photographer.)

Here are some other highlights from Supanova:

Look who I ran into inside Supanova! Remember Peter? Here he is giving us his best Hobbit.


Pop culture expos like Supanova are a comic lover’s paradise! It’s where you can buy posters, original editions and have your favourite artist sign your own copy in Artist Alley.


It’s also great for checking out collectibles like these ones from New Zealand’s amazing special effects creative, Weta Workshop.

Weta at Supanova

Can’t leave without a quick trip to the Black Milk stand (can you see Snow White on the wall behind me?). Princess Anna is transfixed by all the lycra wonderfulness going on here.

Black Milk Supanova

Ok ok, now it really is time to go home.

Elsa in the streets

Maybe when the girls are a little older they will be able to last a little longer! We bought some prints for their room, some bibs, and other superhero awesomeness. And while we didn’t get to do the annual Sunday morning parade down the Broadbeach mall this year, walking amongst the throng of exiting traffic from the convention centre made for a pretty good second best. Of course, I know that wearing something straight out of the box doesn’t really qualify as cosplay, especially when you don’t put it out there on stage, but I’m getting a bit closer… maybe one day I’ll have enough guts to bare all as my ultimate idea of cosplay: X-Men‘s Mystique!

* All images are intended for use on Cinemazzi.com only and are not for reproduction… I’m shy enough as it is. Thank you!

Do you still remember your first time? What did you wear for your first cosplay or pop culture expo outfit?


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