A Bridget Jones without Mark Darcy…what’s the point?

Well, the UK press has confirmed it so it must be true.

Helen Fielding, creator of Bridget Jones, the inner voice of millions of women, has killed off Mark Darcy. MARK DARCY. Human Rights barrister, wearer of wet shirts and author of every woman’s inner-most fantasy line: “I like you just the way you are”.

Why, WHY? Her upcoming third instalment of Bridget Jones’ Diary places Bridget as a 50-year-old widowed mother of two children. She has a toy boy and babysitter in the form of Daniel Cleaver, played on-screen by Hugh Grant in perhaps the most true-to-life role of his career.

Is it impossible to write a humorous love story about a married couple? Other than This is 40, there seems to be a serious lack of quality rom-coms featuring married couples. Who remain married, and do married-people things.

Sure, arguments over who bathes the kids is not as sexy as some climactic “Will he turn up to stop her at her new boss’ private jet after realising the error of his ways or not?” moments, but few things are more attractive than Colin Firth playing a character inspired by Mr Darcy, a character he also played wearing a wet white shirt and doing a damned fine job of it.

Regardless, my biggest literary crush, my hope in mangentlemankind and quite possibly one million cupids have died.

I don’t think I will be reading the new book – nor can I imagine watching a Bridget Jones movie without Mark Darcy or Colin Firth.

Will you be interested in Bridget Jones without Mark Darcy? More importantly, is it wrong to hope for perve-worhy flashbacks?

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