Which Australian films had the best design in 2015?

The 5th AACTAs have unveiled the first winners of the prestigious film and television awards at their annual luncheon, ahead of the grand gala night.

Among those announced already are my favourite four awards each year: Best Costume Design and Best Production Design, for both television and feature films in 2015.

Here are the winners below:



Best original screenplay: Paper Planes. Robert Connolly, Steve Worland

Best adapted screenplay: Last Cab To Darwin. Reg Cribb, Jeremy Sims

Best Cinematography: Mad Max: Fury Road. John Seale ASC ACS


Mad Max Fury Road Best Production Design AACTAs
AACTA Best Production Design Feature Film: Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road. Colin Gibson

Best Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road. Margaret Sixel


Best Sound: Mad Max: Fury Road. Ben Osmo, Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, David White, Mark Mangini, Scott Hecker, Wayne Pashley


Best Original Music Score: Mad Max: Fury Road. Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL


Tilly's black and gold coat in the final scene in The Dressmaker
AACTA Best Costume Design Feature Film: The Dressmaker

Best Costume Design: The Dressmaker. Marion Boyce, Margot Wilson

Best Visual Effects or Animation: Mad Max: Fury Road. Andrew Jackson, Holly Radcliffe, Dan Oliver, Andy Williams, Tom Wood, Fiona Crawford




Best Children’s Television Series: Ready For This. Darren Dale, Miranda Dear, Joanna Werner – ABC3

Best Light Entertainment Television: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. Charlie Pickering, Kevin Whyte, Chris Walker, Frank Bruzzese – ABC

Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy: Peter Allen – Not The Boy Next Door, Episode 2. Shawn Seet – Seven Network


The Secret River wins Best Production Design at the AACTAs
AACTA Best Production Design Television – The Secret River

Best Costume Design in Television: Peter Allen – Not The Boy Next Door, Episode 1. Jenny Miles – Seven Network

Best Production Design in Television: The Secret River, Part 1. Herbert Pinter – ABC

Best Direction in a Television Light Entertainment/Reality Series: Hipsters. Episode 1 – What Is A Hipster?. Seth Larney – SBS2


Best Performance in a Television Comedy: Celia Pacquola. Utopia – ABC


Best Cinematography in Television: Deadline Gallipoli, Part 1 Geoffrey Hall ACS – FOXTEL – Showcase


Best Editing in Television: Redfern Now, Promise Me. Nicholas Holmes ASE – ABC

Best Sound in Television: Deadline Gallipoli, Part 1. Des Kenneally, Robert Mackenzie, Liam Price, Jed Dodge, Justine Angus, John Simpson – FOXTEL – Showcase

Best Original Music Score in Television: Glitch, Episode 4. Cornel Wilczek – ABC



AACTA Best Costume Design on Televsion: Peter Allen, Not The Boy Next Door
AACTA Best Costume Design on Televsion: Peter Allen, Not The Boy Next Door



Best Short Animation: Ernie Biscuit. Adam Elliot

Best Short Fiction Film: Nulla Nulla. Dylan River, Tanith Glynn-Maloney



Best Documentary Television Program: The Killing Season. Deborah Masters, Sarah Ferguson – ABC


Best Direction in a Documentary: Only The Dead. Bill Guttentag, Michael Ware


Best Cinematography in a Documentary: Life On The Reef, Episode 1. Nick Robinson, Luke Peterson, Jon Shaw – ABC

Best Editing in a Documentary: Only The Dead. Jane Moran


That Sugar Film
AACTA Best Feature Length Documentary: That Sugar Film

Best Feature Length Documentary: That Sugar Film. Nick Batzias, Damon Gameau


Best Sound in a Documentary: Only The Dead. Steve Burgess, Leah Katz, Andy Wright, Chris Goodes CAS

Best Original Music Score in a Documentary: Sherpa. Antony Partos


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