Cinemazzi is a cultural entertainment resource of articles, interviews and commentary on costume design, Australian film, Golden Age classics, cinema architecture, women in film, world movies and more.

Cinemazzi editor Marie-Christine is a writer and researcher of costumes, historic architecture and film. She blames her childhood – which was largely spent watching films from the projection booth of her father’s 1950s drive-in theatre in Brisbane, Australia – for her unhealthy appetite for action comedies and screen couture today.

She holds a Masters in Journalism and has worked as a fashion reporter, Arts editor, film critic and feature writer for publications such as: The AustralianThe Sunday TelegraphThe Sunday Herald SunThe Sunday MailThe Courier MailThe Sunday TimesGQ magazineShop Til You DropStyle MagazinesJetstar magazine, Time Off and City Life magazines.

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8 Random Facts About Marie-Christine

  1. I live in Brisbane but you can find me on the Gold Coast most weekends.
  2. I wish I was a ballerina. Like, a really, really good one. Perhaps then I would stop buying so many tutus for my daughters.
  3. I love Archie comics. When other girls at school were talking very maturely about Dolly magazine, I was contacting my textbooks with Jughead, Betty and Veronica posters.
  4. My Archie collection would have been worth a fortune if my mother hadn’t thrown them all out a few years ago because she was sick of my “cartoons cluttering up the house”.
  5. Despite my love affair with Agatha Christie novels, which began when a friend gave me Death on the Nile for my ninth birthday, I cannot stand the Poirot television show. (In my head, I always pictured Poirot a little… quieter.)
  6. My grandfather and his brothers used to work in the country as original travelling picture showmen, screening films from a projector on the back of their truck.
  7. I spent two summers volunteering at an archaeological dig in Greece and during my final week, we discovered a tomb and grave goods in my trench. Also, possibly an ancient portal to intergalactic travel (this last part remains unconfirmed, though).
  8. Being invited alongside a lucky few members of global press into Pixar HQ before the release of Toy Story 3 was hands down one of the highlights of my career.


MC is the first to admit her film tastes aren’t always sophisticated… like her obsession with Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters. Luckily, she has a little help on the site from her friends who are writers from all walks of life: Stevo the muso, Amy B the non-profit fundraiser, the elusive Allen E SmithKellie the fashionista, MP the New York doctor, our high school expert YasminMiss Marcia the theatre school director, Jules the perfect wife, coffee and cigar afficionado The Artisan Coffee Roaster, Chicago-based comic book guru Jim Alexander, cult film exhibitor Kristian, mum and part-time bookkeeper Mrs G; and Josh-man, the aspiring screenwriter.

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