100 Women video diaries: Margaret Pomeranz

We caught up with renowned film critic and former co-host of ‘At The Movies’, Margaret Pomeranz ahead of the Gold Coast Film Festival’s inaugural Women In Film luncheon this month.

In this video, Margaret talks female moviegoers at the box office, the performance of Australian films, the reason women make great producers and her new co-hosting gig on Foxtel’s Screen.

You’ll also hear me mention that the attendance rate for women cinemagoers is higher than men. This is true – as per consumer research and data from ABS and Roy Morgan – even if it’s only just by a smidgeon! I still like mentioning it though because it flies in the face of what we’re usually led to believe, which is that 19-year-old male teenagers dictate the success of the box office 🙂

Adding another string to her bow, Margaret has just written a book with her daughter-in-law Philippa about entertaining called Let’s Eat: A Cookbook Celebrating Film, Food and Family. (You can buy it from the ABC shop here.)

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Video production by Luke Richards.

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