100 Women Video Diaries: Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz

Welcome back to our Women In Film chats! Here Marie speaks with Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz, producer and co-creator of smash hit Australian tv series Fashion Bloggers.

Since graduating from film school in Los Angeles, Philippa has been carving it up in the television producing world with her company Core3 Entertainment. But it took her own project Fashion Bloggers – the reality series she co-created with a friend that follows some of Australia’s most popular bloggers  – to get her solidly back on home soil in Australia.

I had the chance to meet Philippa when she was a special guest at the GCFF’s inaugural Women In Film luncheon (watch Part 1 with her mother-in-law, film critic Margaret Pomeranz, here) and I was blown away by her enthusiasm and sunny disposition!

Advice for budding producers

Here are three standout tips I learned from Philippa in this week’s video diary:

1. If you’ve got a concept for a show, find the right people to give that show a green light – to get financing and to get it on air.

2. It can get pretty difficult at times but you just “gotta keep believing in yourself and keep knocking on doors”.

3. Most importantly: “You can be feminine, look cute and be in control!”

About Fashion Bloggers

Foxtel’s Fashion Bloggers follows the fast-paced lives of Australia’s top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, taking viewers behind the scenes and into the girls’ personal lives, bringing to light the challenges of being in demand 24 hours a day.

Following the success of The Style Channel’s first-ever local production, NBCUniversal announced the commissioning of a second season of Fashion Bloggers airing in June, in association with Core3 Entertainment. Fashion Bloggers has been widely praised as the first program of its type, documenting the lives of fashion bloggers. The Australian series has also aired on E! in South-East Asia, the UK, France, New Zealand and South Africa.


100 women in film down underThis has been part of our 100 Women In Film (Down Under ) showcase of Australian women kicking goals in film and television. Follow the series here!


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